When love leaves you broken and alone. What do you do? When tears leave you hurting and torn. What would you do? When your scars leave you lost and sore what should you do? You think of those times when you had your heart with you...you think of the smiles that made you who you are, but most importantly, you think of the reason you smile...its because of a special someone, who's found their place in your heart... If you can do these things...there isn't a goal you cannot achieve, there isn't a treasure you cannot attain... Simply because you are in love... A treasure in itself...


And they descended deep into the heart of the god of the sea to deliver their hero back to the light of his own world.
The people we meet along the way surprise us, we never know what they will say or what they will do for us…sometimes they change who we are
Since the eclipse I was under the impression that the world would stay dark, but even in dark times there are those that truly project our inner light.
A fearsome knight who arrives when he is most needed and assists Guts from behind the scenes…his story is still a mystery

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